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Strange, humorous, weird, absurd, odd, useless and sometimes just plain moronic items I have found on the web.

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11-28-02:  Water Fountain Worship - The first meaningful writing I've read about water fountains.

11-28-02:  Oxymorons

11-28-02:  The Magical Plastic Grocery Bag

11-28-02:  Mystical Smoking Head of Bob - Pray before the head of Bob.  Over 1625038 questions answered.

11-28-02:  Alles over Ballen - All about balls!  More information about balls than you could ever imagine.

11-28-02:  Properties of 17 - All about 17!

11-24-02:  Pop vs. Soda - The great controversy revealed in all its glory.

11-24-02:  Scrollbar Racing - Place your bets!

11-24-02:  Make Your Own Bush Speech

11-23-02:  Megaball the Rubber Ball - I've never felt so informed on the physics of rubber band balls.  Ever.

11-23-02:  Salary Doubler - The wonders of the internet being displayed right before our very own eyes right here.

11-23-02:  Origami Boulder Company - Original origami gifts.  You buy wadded up paper now!

11-23-02:  Monkey Phone Call - For $10 you can have them place a phone call to whoever you would like... but not just any phone call, a Monkey Phone Call!!

11-23-02:  What Should I Put On The Fence - He has a fence.  He puts things on his fence.  He takes pictures of those things on his fence.  What else is there to say except HUH!!?!

11-22-02:  Litterbox and Lethal Llama - Original cartoons sent to us by an oSw reader.  Awesome stuff!  Both of which are going on my favorites list.  There are other toons which are available here.

11-22-02:  Wrath - This one is cool, but would be better with sound.

11-22-02:  Seven Peas - Click to enjoy and turn on your speakers for this one.

11-22-02:  Oatmeeeeel - Girl in my oatmeeeeeel!

11-22-02:  Photos Found in a Trift Store Camera

11-22-02:  Tubcat - The web page for Tubcat, the fattest kitty ever.

11-22-02:  Color Test - This one is fun.

11-22-02:  HogafflaHage - Wait until it loads and then click on the horses.  Weird!

11-22-02:  Time Travel - Have you ever dreamed of traveling in time? Now you can experience what you have only dreamed of. With the Hyper Dimensional Resonator you can travel into the past or explore the future. The world will be at your beck and call and you will have all the time in the world to explore it.

11-22-02:  Skel Who - Ummm... ok!

11-22-02:  Monitor Camera - Truly amazing technology!  Take your picture online right through your monitor!

11-22-02:  Gangsta Name - Get yoself a tru gangsta name.

11-22-02:  The Singing Kitten - This kitten needs your love.

11-22-02:  Top 100 Monsters of All Time - Self explanatory.

11-22-02:  Afterlife Telegrams - With the help of terminally ill volunteers, ourFire service is
sending telegrams to people who have passed away.

11-22-02:  Cyber Cigarette Break - Go ahead, have one!

11-08-02:  Cat Toilet Danger - "Stop the danger.  Close the seat."  This is by far the coolest slide show I have ever seen on the internet.  Be sure to be patient so you will see the whole thing!  There are many memorable pictures to come your way in this slideshow.

11-08-02:  Miss Vera - Miss Vera's finishing school for boys who want to be girls.  As Gonzo says, "Let's hope this isn't for real!"

11-08-02:  Redneck Neighbor - Read all about the antics of this person's redneck neighbor.

11-08-02:  Ozzy Osbourne - Make the madman spew out his verbal amusings at your own will.

11-08-02:  NIET vergeten je geluid aan te zetten!!! - Ummm... okay!  If they say so!

11-08-02:  The Organization for Eco-Enlightened Protein Consumption - Facing the hard facts about the future with solutions.  The solutions in this case being human meat consumption!

11-08-02:  Global Announcement - This one is strange... definitely strange!  I can't wait until March 8, 2003 to see what the announcement will be!

11-08-02:  Mean Kitty - A place for all of those *not* so cute kitty antics!  Note: Favorites of mine were "Pickles" and "Dali Lama".

11-08-02:  Infinite Wheel - Holy pepperjack cheese!  What in the world is this!?!  This one is DEFINITELY WEIRD but very cool!

11-08-02:  Insanity Test - This one is a good one... see if you can stare at the picture and listen to the sounds for 60 seconds without laughing!  If you laugh, you are declared legally insane.  I laughed.  Therefore I am insane.

11-08-02:  Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man - Sung by Kittens!  Another from the same series as Viking Kittens and Punk Kittens!  Rock on!

11-08-02:  The Eye - Be sure to move your mouse around your screen once this one loads.

11-08-02:  404 Error File Not Found

11-08-02:  Spank The Monkey - Yes, spank the monkey.

11-08-02:  Hangman - Play a rousing game of Hangman here, but don't kill the nun!

10-01-02:  Viking Kittens - This one rocks!!!

10-01-02:  Punk Kittens - This one rocks too!!!

10-01-02:  Ill Mitch - "Hello to rap fans, I am ILL Mitch. I come from Russia to America now I am free to do 3 favorite things. These are rap and ride on my skateboard and hit my boxing bag. But most favorite thing is rap."

10-01-02:  Pull My Finger - No description needed.

10-01-02:  Spinal Cord Remover - Yes you can now finally buy one of your very own from the Jarvis Products Corp.  This baby can handle 800 hog or 350 beef carcasses per hour!  Also be sure to check out their Bung Droppers, Gizzard Peelers, Head Splitters and Semi-Auto Neck Breakers.

10-01-02:  Ugly Toes - Ugly and otherwise problematic toes can be found here.  And when they say ugly, they mean UGLY!

10-01-02:  Spam Radio - You know all those annoying spam emails you get?  Well listen to them here in streaming audio format!  Kind of hard to understand but the concept is funny.

10-01-02:  IRA - Official website of the Insect Rights Activists.

10-01-02:  Patty Whack - This one is full of all kinds of wacky fun.

10-01-02:  When Ginger Snaps - True stories of Killer Gingerbread Men!  Absolutely verified and true!

10-01-02:  The Knuckle Head Club - Enter your friend, co-worker or even family member for this prestigious title.

10-01-02:  The Ova Prima Foundation - "Let us look not to primitive man's fears for inspiration.  Let us look to our future, and to our beginning -- let us look to the egg."

10-01-02:  Rune's Barf Bag Collection - A comprehensive collection of barf bags from airlines worldwide.

10-01-02:  The Dennis Page - The world's most eligible bachelor.

9-23-02: Celebriducks - "Rub-a-dub-dub with stars in your tub" ... Rubber ducks done up as celebrities such as Beethoven, Dracula, Uncle Sam, Charlie Chaplain, Mr. T, Betty Boop, and many more.

9-23-02: No Description - This one is just plain horrible.  Horrible!  Be sure to read through it though.  Funny if you share my sense of humor.

9-23-02: Turd Twister - The funniest gag gift in the world (so they claim).  I guess I could agree it's funny because hey, poop IS funny!

9-23-02: Eat Bunny - Exactly!  Eat bunny!  It doesn't take a degree in quantum physics to figure this one out!

9-23-02: Scripture Candy - Custom bubble gum, each piece wrapped in KJV scripture verses!  "Reaching the world one piece at a time".  So they say anyway.

9-23-02: asdf - What is asdf?

9-23-02: Moller International - Moller International has developed the first and only feasible, personally affordable, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle the world has ever seen.

9-23-02: Baby Cute or Not - Is your baby cute or not?  Yes, of course it is (pphhhlllttttt...)  Go and find out what others REALLY think.

9-23-02: How to Cook with Lava

7-31-02: Elgoog - New search engine deemed future of internet searching.

7-31-02: Wolf's CyberDen '96 - Why in the world is this site still up???  Historical purposes, I imagine.

7-31-02: Ugly Kid Jack - This is one UGLY kid!

7-31-02: Pee-Mail - See for yourself.

7-31-02: Myke's World - I am glad I do not know this guy, do not live near this guy and hope I never run into this guy.

7-31-02: HTTP 507 - Not a real address.  Be sure to click the links.

7-31-02: Industorious Clock Monocrafts 3.0 - This one is pretty cool.  May take a minute or so to load though.

7-31-02: The Mojave Phone Booth Site - It's gone now, but exactly what was the purpose of this phone booth anyway?

7-31-02: Beer Can Bob - Soliciting stupid photos of Bob on a global scale!

7-31-02: Superbad - No description.  Go and explore.  Truly strange.

No Date: Bubble Gum Art - Check out Sherbadojay and his secret technique for creating such stunning dreamscapes made of bubble gum from all over the world.

No Date: Broadswords and Bunnies - A dedication to cute and fluffy creatures and metal harbringers of death.

No Date: It's My Tie - The online home for redundant neckties.

No Date: The Complete and Utter Idiot's Guide to Cooking a TV Dinner - If I need to explain this one then you should REALLY go and read this article.

No Date: Zombo - Welcome to ZOMBOCOM!  This is ZOMBOCOM!  You can do anything at ZOMBOCOM!  (Be sure to have your volume turned up for this one)

No Date: Get Out of Hell Free - Sin all you want, they'll print more.

No Date: Brett's Rubber Chicken Page - The official home of the International Rubber Chicken Society.

No Date: Change is in the Air - This is a pretty funny bird story.

No Date: Aquarium Toilet - Add a little life to your bathroom!

No Date: Creepy Guy - You've probably seen him around.  In the mall, on the bus, when you glance behind you.  He is the noise you hear in the trees at night.

6-27-02: The Official Pirate Webpage - The Source for True Power in the Universe... (Note: This site conflicts with the Official Ninja Webpage which states that Ninjas are the Real Ultimate Power, so decide for yourself!)

6-27-02: Pluck the Nose Hairs - Ouch!  Fascinating entertainment in the form of a flash application.

6-27-02: Extreme PB & J - How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Not for beginners.

6-27-02: Root Canal Surgery Procedure - Yeah, and I wonder why so many people hate the dentist!

6-27-02: Corn Cam - Straight from Iowa Farmer Today, you'll find more action at this Corn Cam site than you will on all the Die Hard movies put together...

6-27-02: Devon Eats a Stick of Butter - No explanation needed here.

6-27-02: Duct Tape Fashion - Wallets, hats, belts, purses and more fashioned from duct tape!  High quality stuff here!

6-27-02: The Phobia List - Arithmophobia (fear of numbers), Dextrophobia (fear of objects at the right side of the body), Heliophobia (fear of the sun), Octophobia (fear of the figure 8), Peladophobia (fear of bald people), are just a few among TONS of phobias listed at this site!

6-27-02: Name That Candy Bar - Survey the multitudes of candy bar cross sections and see if you can guess which ones they are.

6-27-02: The Utah Baby Namer - Online help for parents looking for that distinctive name that says, "I'm a Utah Mormon!"

6-27-02: Nowhere - Spring!

6-27-02: Weird Fortune Collection - Some real and truly weird fortunes from all over!

6-27-02: The Universe of Cows

6-19-02: Extreme Ironing - The newest Extreme craze!  Pictures of extreme ironing, urban hoovering and inner city clothes drying!

6-19-02: Flame Broiled: The Disgruntled Ex-Burger King Employee Page - The manifesto straight from the fry boys mouth.

6-19-02: DreamTech International Price List - Designer gene cloning licensing.  Clone Cindy Crawford ($79,999), Michael Jordan ($79,999), or even an early Michael Jackson($299)!

6-19-02: Money Origami - Instructions on how to fold money into all sorts of different things ranging from boots, eyeglasses, spiders, and christmas trees.

6-19-02: Gargoyles: The Swimsuit Special - Gargoyles in swimsuits?  WHY?!?!?!?

6-19-02: David Hasselhoff is the Antichrist - Here is the proof!

6-19-02: What's Wrong With This Picture - See if you can figure it out!  Might take you a little while though!

6-19-02: Am I Geek or Not - Vote on whether or not you think each person is a geek or not a geek.  Mad entertainment.

6-19-02: Gobler Toys - Just a hunch, but I bet none of you have ever seen THESE innovative toys before!  Check them out!

6-19-02: Janet Reno is Hot - This one is NOT for the kiddies!!!

6-04-02: Hairstyles by Wolf - All I can say is this is messed up... Really messed up.  Check out the various hairstyles at this site ranging from on-the-face to bowlcuts to halfshaved to raffaella.

6-04-02: My Humping Dog - See Chris Pirillo's (from TechTV's Call For Help) dog, Sprocket, in action!  (I am almost sure this is Chris's dog... 

6-04-02: Fun With Grapes - Using only cheap, readily-available equipment, you can create a spectacular lightshow in the comfort of your very own kitchen, providing hours of fun and excitement for your family, friends, and pets!

6-04-02: The LiveHive - Exciting action presented to you by this live beehive cam.

6-04-02: The Electric Chair - The most "shocking" site on the net!

6-04-02: - Your #1 source for your #2 business!

6-04-02: The Tacky Postcard Archive - Preserving the bad taste of our era for future generations.

6-04-02: Petition Online - Thousands of active petitions ranging from serious issues to the totally absurd.  Over 9 million signatures collected so far.

5-29-02: Human for Sale - Ever wonder how much money you can could get for yourself on the open human market?  Take this test and find out how much you are worth!  According to this site I could get $1,123,630.00 for myself.  Hmmm... any takers?  Hee hee.

5-29-02: Cybercrap - This person's site is supposed to be about showcasing OTHER people's crappy websites, but it's kind of ironic considering how crappy HIS site is!

5-29-02: ????? - What in the WORLD is this supposed to be about???

5-29-02: Rag-Dog - Dog clothes and specialty apparel.

5-29-02: World of Mank - Mank. Where did it come from? What exactly is it? Where is it now? This website attempts to answer these questions which are so awe-inspiringly crucial to the future well-being of humanity....

5-29-02: Crime Scene Cleaners - Prompt, professional trauma cleaning service.  How fun.

5-29-02: Airline Meals - The world's first site dedicated to nothing but airline food!

5-29-02: A Proper Sendoff - The WWW's premier digital pet funeral parlor.  Stay in touch with your digitally departed pal!

5-29-02:  "Amazing" $20 Bill / Sept 11 Coincidence

5-17-02: Joe's Love Shack - The most heartsick young person I've EVER seen in my entire life... holy poop!

5-17-02: Dog Diaper - Another great idea for animal feces control.

5-17-02: The Asian Prince - Man, I would seriously hate to be this guy!!!  Is he SERIOUS!?!?!

5-17-02: Scott's Kewl Homepage - Where do I start for this one???  Ok, just find out for yourself!  Be sure to read the Diary entries though!  They're hilarious!

5-17-02: The StinkyFeet Diaries - This guy has perfectly normal feet, but decides he wants to infect himself with athlete's foot, and he describes the entire disgusting process on this website.

5-17-02: Eric Conveys an Emotion - See Eric convey such emotions as "Happiness", "Shy", "Did I Leave the Oven On", "Just Realized you Bought the Wrong Fabric Softener", "Seconds Prior to a Fatal Epileptic Seizure", and many many more!

5-17-02: What's Inside Jeremy's Wallet? - View the contents of Jeremy's Wallet!

5-17-02: The Room - I can't describe this one.  It's just weird.  A little creepy even.

5-14-02: The Infamous Worm Game - Ok so it's not all that strange but I have to try to get you people addicted to it so maybe my addiction will subside.

5-14-02: I - I fart, she farts, he farts, we are all farting!

5-14-02: The Official Dryer Lint Page - Ummm yes... Dryer lint.

5-14-02: Japanese Engrish - This one is hilarious!

5-14-02: Catsup Bottle - The world's largest catsup bottle official website and fan club.

5-14-02: The Lizardman - Body modification to the uhhh... lizard extreme?

5-14-02: Street Mattress - Over 300 pictures for you to browse of mattresses found on the streets, in alleys, and disposed of in other various ways.  Contribute your own picture(s) today!

5-06-02: AnneDroidz' Brent Page - A self description direct from the site: "Welcome to my Droolfest over that wonderfully talented
and deliciously sexy actor... Brent Spiner!!"
(aka Data from Star Trek)

5-06-02: Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics - Britney Spears herself guides you in the fundamentals of the vital laser components that have made it possible to hear her super music in a digital format.

5-06-02: The Flaming Pop-Tart Experiment - As Performed By Dr. Roger A. Hunt, Ph.D., Director, American Institute of Pyrotartology.

5-06-02: Japanese Pizza Page - The world's first page dedicated to introducing the world to Japanese pizza.

5-06-02: Tongue Page - Tongues, tongues, and more tongues.  Tons of tongues.

4-27-02: Freck's New Feet - Watch this guy amputate his legs with a homemade guillotine LIVE via webcam broadcast! 

4-27-02: The Many Faces of Michael Jackson - Let it load, it's an animated picture.

4-27-02: Top Ten Stinkers - America's top ten most flatulent dogs.

4-27-02: What Does Your Phone Number Spell - Enter a 6 to 10 digit phone number and they'll show you what words and phrases your phone number spells.

4-26-02: When Good Toilets... GO BAD! - A collection of news articles about what happens when people and toilets don't get along

4-26-02: Portal to the Cleanest Page on the Web - The most beautiful, untouched, unnatural wonder of the World Wide Web!

4-26-02: The Bad Scary Place - Very creative and cool but I don't quite understand it just quite yet.

4-26-02: Kwotes by Leemy Chamere - Various quotes collected from this guys math and science teachers in New Zealand.

4-26-02: The Traffic Cone Preservation Society - By preserving and studying these "Helpers of Humanity," they hope to allow future generations the opportunity to enjoy these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats.

4-23-02: Generic Cheese & Macaroni Gallery - Oh boy.  A website devoted to generic boxes of macaroni and cheese.  How entertaining the WWW has become!

4-23-02: The Ultimate Bad Candy Website - Read all about confectionary nightmares here!

4-23-02: Ninja Burger - You WILL experience the Ninja Burger difference!  Guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less, or they will commit Seppuku!

4-23-02: The Happiest Potties on Earth - A comprehensive listing and review of the restrooms of Disneyland?!?!

4-23-02: Momo's Home Page - If somebody figures this one out then please let me know!!!  I actually laughed at some of it though I don't really know why...

4-21-02: 10K For a Wife - This guy is offering $10,000 to anyone that introduces him to the woman that he proposes to!  And she doesn't even have to say yes!  Talk about a nutcase!

4-21-02: Spidey and Bun Bun - I was hesitant about putting this site up here because it's so lame... but I have to admit it does have potential.

4-21-02: Squirrel Fishing! - A new approach to rodent performance evaluation.

4-21-02: Mr. Winkle - Another in the "What in the world is this?!?!" series.  Home of the cutest dog on the internet.

4-21-02: No More AOL CD's - This one is cool!  Their goal is to collect 1 MILLION AOL CD's (you know the ones you always get in the mail) and mail them all back to AOL!  Go ahead and send yours in today!

4-20-02: Virtual Stapler - Spend hour after hour after hour playing with these virtual staplers.  JEEZ.

4-20-02: Final Meal Requests - The official Texas Department of Criminal Justice final meal requests for those on death row.  Creepy!

4-20-02: Intern Opportunities - Fill out an OFFICIAL application for interning for Gary Condit!  Seriously!  This is sick!

4-20-02: Hyakugojyuuichi! - This one is SERIOUSLY WEIRD!!!  Can ANYBODY tell me what in the world this one is about???

4-20-02: Bootleg Toys - The Undiscovered Playthings.  This one's pretty cool, lots of pictures of bootlegged GI Joe's, Batmans, wrestling figures, and numerous other pathetic attempts at copying commercial toys.

4-02-02: The Rotten Banana Hater's Page - This guy hates rotten bananas.

4-02-02: History of Secret Experimentation on U.S. Citizens - All sorts of experiments carried out on people dating back to 1931.

4-02-02: The Online Pregnancy Test - The internet's first!

4-02-02: Kris the Cow - Send email to Kris the cow!  But ummm... I wouldn't expect a reply back!  If you're lucky somebody in her research group will call and read the email to her.

4-02-02: How Much is Inside? - Tackling the age old question.

4-02-02: The "Should I Stalk William Shatner" Test - Quit spending sleepless nights trying to figure it out!  Go and take the test!!!

4-02-02: Die Screaming with Sharp Things in your Head - These people decided impaled garden gnomes were important enough to upload to the web.

3-28-02: Future Horizons - Fully assembled Ion Ray gun, anybody?

3-28-02: Trash Day - Digital Photography at it's peak.

3-28-02: The Official Ninja Webpage -  The truth about Ninjas?  Decide for yourself!

3-28-02: Starbucked - Have YOU been Starbucked?

3-28-02: I Hate Clowns - If you hate clowns then this is the place for you!

3-25-02: Reading Toes - I don't think I want to attempt explaining this one.  I just want to know what the deal is with those two guys in that picture!  Ugh!

3-25-02: Brown Dog Institute - Real gourmet dog treats!

3-25-02: Man Beef - The world's leading human meat distributor.

3-25-02: Modern Moist Towelette Collecting

3-25-02: Find The Spam - It's much harder than you may think!

3-25-02: Funny Things To Do With Your Microwave Oven

3-20-02: Digital Watergun Museum - All things watergun.  The largest watergun museum on the internet.

3-20-02: Peter Pan's Homepage - And I thought Peter the Positive Panda was scary!!!  Did you know that Peter Pan is 48 and lives in Tampa, FL?  Go ahead and see for yourself.

3-20-02: Maggots - The wonderful world of maggots.

3-20-02: Strange Foriegn Objects in Dog Feces - Amazing 100% true stories on the subject.

3-16-02: Winners of the "I Look Like My Dog" Contest

3-16-02: How to Toilet Train Your Cat

3-16-02: Jack McCracken Fights Dirty - Step inside the mind of this 5th grade bully.

3-16-02: Online Etch-A-Sketch - Well, this one isn't all that odd... but it's cool anyway.

3-15-02: Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie - An effective, low cost solution to preventing mind control.

3-15-02: Crap Machine - Build your own crap!

3-15-02: Frick 'n Brite - You'll never enjoy scrubbing more.

3-15-02: Foam Bath Fish Time - Foam fish that arrange themselves to show you the time.  How entertaining and useful.  My life feels SO much more complete now!

3-15-02: Beard Research - Very, very important information pertaining to beard technology.

3-14-02: Foreign Body In The Stomach

3-14-02: Toast Recipes - Anybody who can't make toast should be shipped off...

3-14-02: The Outhouse Photo Collection - Check out Granny's, Betty's and Bob's outhouses here!

3-14-02: Steve's Ant Farm Cam - Check in on Steve's ants!

3-14-02: The Really Big Button that Doesn't Do Anything

3-13-02: Find A Grave - Find the graves of ancestors or even famous people from around the world.

3-13-02: Corpses for Sale - WARNING: This one is not for the squeamish!

3-13-02: Radiskull & Devil Doll - This one isn't all that weird or anything, it's just the coolest cartoon ever unleashed on the web.

3-13-02: Scooper Doggie - The "pooper scooper of the century"???  Leaves much to be desired to me.

3-13-02: Bunny Survival Tests - A series of tests performed to determine specific weaknesses and or strengths possessed by marshmallow bunnies.  Quite an educational experience.

3-10-02: Cosimo Cavallero - Cheese artist sprays entire house with cheese!

3-10-02: Rowanlea Grove Novelties - Taking the art of revenge to the ultimate abyss!

3-10-02: Crazy Drunk Guy - Jeff the web design guy gets mysterious phone calls from a crazy drunk guy.

3-10-02: Pong Cartoon - Check out what really goes on inside of a Pong game.  (Requires Flash)

3-10-02: Bureau of Missing Socks - Ever wonder what happens to missing single socks?

3-09-02: Museum of Coathangers - Is this REALLY necessary?  And I thought I had too much time on MY hands!

3-09-02: Insect Recipes - barf.

3-09-02: The End of the Internet

3-09-02: Peter the Positive Panda - Scary.  Very scary.

3-08-02: Totally Absurd Inventions - Great patents such as the "dog hoser", "greenhouse helmet", "cow gas" and "diaper alarm" can be seen here.

3-08-02: Virtual Voodoo Doll - Too lazy to send somebody a real voodoo doll?  Then send them a virtual one today!

3-08-02: Dumb Laws - Big government, small brains, dumb laws.  Search through each state for some very peculiar and plain stupid laws.

3-08-02: Create-A-Fart - Ummm... do I really have to give an explanation for this one?

3-07-02: - Play rock, paper scissors online!

3-07-02: Gimme a Buck - Come on, send the guy a buck

3-07-02: The Simulator - A day in the life of a McDonald's worker

3-07-02: Mullet Junky - Mull it over

3-07-02: Build Your Own Cow - Yes, build your own cow

3-06-02: Winged Cats - They're real!!!

3-06-02: New Olympic Sport to Debut in 2002 - Snow peeing

3-06-02: - This guy holds the Guinness world record for the longest gum wrapper chain 

3-06-02: Bite Your Nails Much? - Here's a picture of a fingernail magnified by 1000X.  See if you still want to bite your nails after seeing this!

3-06-02: Flatulence Filter - The first air filter disguised as a seat cushion

3-05-02: Incinolet - World's only electric incinerating toilet

3-05-02: Ask a Biologist - How much do you really know about your dog's personality?

3-05-02: Who Framed Pee-Wee Herman - The conspiracy against Pee-Wee

3-05-02: Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers - Oh #@$!%...

3-04-02: - Brandy, the dog with the longest tongue in the world (Appx 17" Long!).

3-04-02: Picklefool - ?????

3-04-02: Free Pickle Hat - The new craze among the kids. 

3-04-02: Ancient Egyptian Flying Vehicles - Images found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple.

3-04-02: The Internet Urinal - The perfect gift for a loved one for any occasion.

3-03-02: Mike the Headless Chicken - Only in Fruita, Colorado

3-03-02: Hats of Meat - What in the WORLD are these people thinking???

3-03-02: Kopi Luwak - The world's rarest and most expensive coffee to order.

3-03-02: Strange But True - Strange but true facts, tidbits and useless information

3-02-02: Booger County - Hillbilly humor at it's best.

3-02-02: I gave my cat an enema! - The bittersweet story of a boy and his cat.

3-02-02: - For the type of individual who thinks that bums are comedy.

3-02-02: For Sale By Mental Patient - Read through here and I guarantee laughter among those with a dark sense of humor.

Please note: Dates on news stories mark when I added the story to my site, not when the story was initially published.

11-30-02:  Pumpkin Turns into Missile

11-30-02:  Front End Loader Carries off Cashless ABM Despite Being Fired Upon by Cops

11-30-02:  Mother Accused of Selling Baby

11-30-02:  Man Grinds Himself into Compost

11-28-02:  California Firm Signs Deal to Fly to the Moon - These guys are going to fly decommissioned Russian missiles to the moon carrying objects people pay to have delivered, such as business cards, jewelry and remains.  What on Earth gives them the right???  Are they bored with trashing THIS ball of dirt?

11-28-02:  U.S. Company Sells Real Estate on Moon - Once again, what gives them the right?

11-28-02:  UK Bought Wrong Smallpox Vaccine

11-28-02:  Wife Tries to put Husband to Sleep

11-28-02:  Face Transplants on the Horizon

11-28-02:  Cambodian Mother Nails Daughters Foot to Floor

11-28-02:  Stem Cell Mixing May Form a Human-Mouse Hybrid

11-28-02:  Parrot Gives the Bird

11-28-02:  January Due Date for Cloned Baby

11-28-02:  Skin Sufferers Shower Urine with Golden Praise

11-28-02:  Genetically Manipulated Births cause Problems for India

11-24-02:  Hippos Devour 8 Cows

11-24-02:  Man Cleared of Pulling Out Friend's Teeth with Pliers

11-24-02:  Documentary Claims Roswell Smoking Gun

11-23-02:  Ape-Boy, 6, Found in Kazakhstan

11-22-02:  14th Century Drawing of Mickey Mouse Found in Austria

11-22-02:  Why Girls Aren't Geeks

11-22-02:  Mummified Bodies Found in Lehigh

11-22-02:  Pair of Supermassive Black Holes to Collide

11-22-02:  Conneticut Teens Snooze in Power Nap Clubs

11-22-02:  City Turns Old Diapers into New Uses

11-22-02:  Fired Zookeeper Gets Paid Despite Animal Feast

11-22-02:  Invisible Man Robs Bank

11-22-02:  Mother Lets Twin Daughters, 14, Hold Up Bank... Then Drives Getaway Car!

11-22-02:  Man Gets It For Dumping Radioactive Cat Litter

11-08-02:  Duct Tape May Destroy Common Warts

11-08-02:  Use a Cordless Keyboard?  Read This!

11-08-02:  Retiree Sends $100 to Pay for Candy Stolen 55 Years Ago

11-08-02:  Government Building to be Inspected by 'Ghost-Busters'

11-08-02:  Prison Says No Conjugal Visit for Vampire

11-08-02:  Peruvian Teenagers 'Possessed' by Japanese TV Cartoon

11-08-02:  Chefs Say Human Thigh Bones Add Extra Taste to Dishes

11-08-02:  Santa Murders Daughter

10-01-02:  Odorless Toilet Offers Relief For The Nose

10-01-02:  Laid-Off Exec Tries Panhandling For Job

10-01-02:  Police Want Volunteers To Help Pick Pot Plants

10-01-02:  NM City Builds 10 Foot Long Enchilada

10-01-02:  Wife Goes On Strike While Husband Away Fishing

10-01-02:  Bees Trained To Find Landmines

10-01-02:  Man Plans To Marry Woman Who Ripped Off His Testicle

10-01-02:  Four Year Old Calls Police Complaining About Granny's Cooking

10-01-02:  Sophisticated Shoplifters Ages 8 And 10 Arrested For Stealing 100 Toys

10-01-02:  Anthropologist Claims Alien Abduction Can Be Good For You

10-01-02:  Man Breaks Own World Record By Clipping 153 Clothes Pins To His Face - This one has  a cool picture.

10-01-02:  Family Goes Ahead With Wedding... Without Groom

10-01-02:  "God Made Me Do It" Says Nun Of Beating Children

10-01-02:  Natural Blondes To Die Out In 200 Years

10-01-02:  TV Company Pulls Tyson Advert

10-01-02:  Bingo Takes Yet Another Life

10-01-02:  Mother Killed Over Wendy's Bacon Cheeseburger Dispute - Goes to show fast food is bad for your health in more ways than one.

10-01-02:  Thief Robs Jewels With Vacuum Cleaner

9-23-02: Sex Shy Pandas Get Dose Of Viagra

9-23-02: Wrong Body Delivered To Grieving Family

9-23-02: Woman sues because husband is still alive

9-23-02: Pop-Up Toilet Created for Revelers

9-23-02: KFC Customer Gets Chicken, With Marijuana On Side

9-23-02: Aquarium Shark Lacks Mate, But Gives Birth Anyway

9-23-02: Religious Group Seeks To Raise Girl From Dead - See what a lack of education will do to you?  Idiots.

7-31-02: Car Makes Unwelcome Decoration for Ripon Man - This is what those idiots get (the idiots driving the car).  What is WRONG with people?

7-31-02: Crop Circle Appears in Fresno Corn Field - I live in Lemoore which is near Fresno.

7-31-02: Horse Falls from Trailer, Kills 3

7-31-02: Japanese Student Stages Fire to Avoid Homework

7-31-02: Bayer Selling Former Alka Seltzer Factory for $1

7-31-02: Texas Man Won't Bill for Jury Duty

7-31-02: Sewage Sludge Builds Up House Bricks

7-31-02: Giant Airbag Could Save Earth

7-31-02: "Meteorite" Hits Girl

No Date: Fishing Couple Net $80k in Florida Keys

No Date: Man with Phobia of Cows Runs with Bulls, Gets Gored

No Date: Extraterrestrial Relics Left Behind in China?

No Date: Naked Photographer on the Loose in Columbus, OH

No Date: Jr High School Teacher Encourages Needle Sharing in Class

No Date: Woman Attempts to Smuggle Lover in Suitcase

No Date: Vatican Sitting on Time Machine?

6-27-02: Jesus Christ has Returned... As a Chinese Woman!

6-27-02: Floating Toilet Pisses People Off

6-27-02: Stress Leading Teachers to Abuse People in China

6-27-02: Giraffe Suspected of Murder Commits Suicide... Yes, a GIRAFFE

6-27-02: Arrogant Police Drill Fast Food Cashier Over Chicken Strips

6-27-02: Mayor Head-Butts Wife

6-27-02: Church of the Chainsaw?

6-27-02: Scientists Mix Spiders and Goats

6-27-02: Bottomless Pit Discovered in Woodinville?

6-27-02: Cow Falls From Sky onto Woman's Car

6-27-02: Anxious Groom Marries Wrong Bride

6-27-02: Drunk Teen Driving Stolen Car Flags Down Cop for Help

6-19-02: Man Divorces Wife for Sleeping with her Ferrets

6-19-02: Spider Finds Home in Woman's Ear

6-19-02: IRS Keeps Sending Her $200,000

6-19-02: World's Oldest Boat Found in Desert

6-19-02: Man Found Dead in Ice Cream Truck's Freezer

6-19-02: Minature Cows as Pets

6-19-02: A PRICELESS Moment in Soccer

6-19-02: Ron the Hermit Gets His Parking Permit

6-19-02: Comatose Man Billed for Blocking Intersection

6-04-02: Heavyweight fighter Hasim Rahman sports a severe hematoma on his forehead during fight against Evander Holyfield (Picture)

6-04-02: Woman Dozes Off, Tanning Bed Timer Fails

6-04-02: What's In A Domain Name? Man Sued By Nissan

6-04-02: Homemade Speed Bump Slows Traffic

6-04-02: Seven-Year-Old Instrumental in Arrest of Alleged Counterfeiter

6-04-02: Woman discovers fingertip in rice-ball

6-04-02: Burglar talked his way into prison

6-04-02: Cosmetic sample prompts evacuation

6-04-02: Man stabs dead mother to prevent vampirism

6-04-02: Ticketless Baby Refused Entry to Game

5-29-02: Evolution of Supercats

5-29-02: Man Hides $20,000 Cash in OVEN, Half of Loot Catches Fire

5-29-02: AT&T Broadband E-mail Filter Blocks Notice of Rate Hike

5-29-02: Arrested for SNORING Cocaine

5-29-02: Yasser Arafat Cheese Snack Is a Hit

5-17-02: Human Head for Sale

5-17-02: Pigs Ham It Up, Get the Good Life

5-17-02: Drug Suspect Copyrights His Name; Charges Lawyers

5-17-02: Tot Hooked on Vacuum Cleaners

5-17-02: Suit Asserts a Wendy’s Sandwich ‘Exploded’

5-17-02: Student, 8, Drives Himself to School

5-14-02: Constant Hum Rattles Lives in Indiana Town

5-14-02: Meet the Chipsons

5-14-02: Jackel-Dog Created for Airport Security

5-14-02: Meat Alternative New to US Prompts Concern

5-14-02: Small Texas Town for Sale

5-14-02: Woman Believes Thief is Dressing as a Dog and Stealing Her Roses

5-14-02: Spitwad May Land Boy in Prison

5-14-02: Teenagers Find $50,000 in Vacant House

5-06-02: Drunk Cowboys Can't Explain Why they Rode their Horses into Wal-Mart

5-06-02: Have You Found Jesus?  Ohio Police Officers are Looking For Him

5-06-02: Tenant Evicted After Not Cleaning for 14 Years

5-06-02: Man Angered by Haircut Convicted

4-27-02: Mayor Bans Satan from Florida Town

4-27-02: 'Loss Prevention' Worker Helps Pals Steal from Store

4-27-02: TV Station Apologizes for Embarrasing Bubble Boy Clip Sabotage

4-27-02: Man Gets Relief for Lack of Relief

4-26-02: Police Ticket Dead Man

4-26-02: Inmate Uses Dental Floss To Escape

4-26-02: Turkey Breaks in to Hunting Store, Poops on Hunting Videos

4-26-02: 'Death Pool Dave' Cashes in on Rockers Death

4-23-02: Frustrated computer customer 'cracks up'

4-23-02: Prisoner robs bank, then goes back to jail

4-23-02: Three overdue library books send woman to jail

4-23-02: Physics professor confident his time machine will work

4-21-02: Police Officers Lose Submachine Gun on way to Gun Safety Class

4-21-02: Too Bad He Didn't Know How to Fly a Plane

4-21-02: Mayor to Allow Highest Bidder to Kick Butt

4-21-02: New Insect Order Found in Southern Africa

4-21-02: Geologist says North Pole may Flip to South

4-20-02: Sloppy Note Thwarts Teen's Bank Robbery Attempt

4-20-02: Couple Finds $250,000 Worth Of Dope Probably Thrown From Plane

4-20-02: April Fools' Day Not A Good Day To Rob Bank

4-20-02: Squirrel Sex and Monkey Anxiety: Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work

4-20-02: Jack Rabbit Terrorizes Neighborhood

4-20-02: Static Electricity Epidemic at Target

4-20-02: Woman in Shock After Rat in Toilet Ordeal

4-02-02: New Discovery: World's Largest Bacterium

3-28-02: Hurried Drivers Leave Bottles of Pee Behind

3-28-02: Court Says Nude Gardening OK

3-28-02: Children Attack Potato

3-28-02: "I Don't Want To Be Known as the 'Fart Guy'..."

3-25-02: Satellite Spots Mystery Patch of Black Water Near Florida

3-25-02: Scientists Test First Human Cyborg

3-25-02: Commercial Fishermen Demand Answers to 'Black Water' Mystery

3-25-02: Police Stop Bone-Eating Sect From Digging Up Skeletons

3-25-02: Scientists Unleash a New Form of Matter

3-25-02: Cow patties key to stinky sneaker contest

3-20-02: "Painstation" Newest German Game System

3-20-02: Good Samaritan's Car Stolen When He Stops to Help

3-20-02: Mysterious Black Water Phenomenon Intrigues Scientists

3-16-02: Soccer Fan Takes after Mike Tyson, Bites Coach's Ear

3-16-02: Man Shoots at Girlfriend for not Making Toast

3-15-02: German Girl Listed as having World's Longest Tongue

3-15-02: Human Fingertips Found in Milk Carton

3-15-02: Police Chase Subject Stops to Help Deputy

3-15-02: Thirsty Thieves Offer Jeep for Beer

3-10-02: Man Finds Corpse Inside His New House

3-10-02: Man Robs Granny's Car at Prison Pickup

3-10-02: Man Breaks Out of Jail to Buy Beer but Gets Caught Sneaking Back In

3-09-02: Arby's Gives Free Curly Fries for Life

3-06-02: World's Oldest Vomit

3-06-02: Man Feeds Laxative Laced Brownies to Co-workers

3-06-02: Man Steals Monkey to Buy Crack

3-06-02: Homesick Cat Finds Way Back Home Across Two States

3-05-02: Arctic Melting Will Open New Sea Passages

3-05-02: ‘Cyclops Skulls’ Baffle Tribal Folk

3-05-02: Town Festival Planned Around Frozen Corpse

3-05-02: New Law Lets You Voluntarily Give Government More Of Your Money

3-05-02: Woman Stuck In Shower Trying To Retrieve Spoon

3-04-02: Man Drys Palm Pilot in Oven, then Cooks Pizza... with Palm Still Inside!

3-04-02: Woman with No Ears Hears!

3-04-02: Toilet Paper Rolls get Smaller

3-02-02: Portion of Volcano Slips Toward Ocean

3-02-02: Giant Squid Babies Captured

3-02-02: Human Evolution Finally Over?

3-02-02: Cat Saves Teenager from Burning Garage