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Strange, humorous, weird, absurd, odd, useless and sometimes just plain moronic items I have found on the web.

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4-20-03:  Block Death - A museum of Lego horrors.

4-20-03:  A Useless Website - Literally.

4-20-03:  Alkulukuja Paskova Karhu
, The Prime Number Pooping Bear

4-20-03:  A Journey Through Madness - This one is weird and very cool.

4-20-03:  Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device - Immortality for only $25!  WHAT A NUT!

4-20-03:  Shake It Babe

3-3-03:  When Peter Bronson Rides a Chocolate Horse - ???

3-3-03:  Five - A comic about poop, and a boy with no feet.  Kinda on the gross side but still pretty cool.

3-3-03:  Frame Scroll-O-Rama

3-3-03:  Vannoy and Company - Purveyors of fine gifts, children's toys and non-fatal weaponry. 

3-3-03:  Hemispheric Dominance Test - Are you left brained, right brained or whole brained?  Take the test to find out.

3-3-03:  Bacterial Terrarium - With just mud, paper and an egg, you can grow colonies of multi-hued microbes!

3-3-03:  Really Cool Sand Sculptures

3-3-03:  Happy Tree Friends - Cute, cuddly animals whose daily adventures always end up going horribly wrong.

3-3-03:  Dress the Pig for Adventures - I can't figure out where the adventure is but at least you can dress the pig.

3-3-03:  My Twinn - 'The one of a kind doll created to look like the special child in your life'.  Sounds fishy to me. 

3-3-03:  Mr. Bling - Your source for high quality gold and platinum custom made teeth at guaranteed lowest prices on the net.  Come on, people!  They're JUST TEETH!

3-3-03:  Guide Horse Foundation - A non-profit charity dedicated to providing free guides for visually impaired individuals. (Since when are dogs not good enough for this?)

3-3-03:  Tokyo Plastic - This one may take a while to load depending on your connection but it's worth the wait!

3-2-03:  Flash Mind Reader

3-2-03:  Minims - Or, man is the only animal that wears bow ties.

3-2-03:  Traffic Light Wars - Out of sight, a war is raging... Secret cameras have allowed us for the first time to see the mighty Traffic Light Wars.

3-2-03:  Vintage Vegas Postcard Museum

3-2-03:  Vintage Computer Ads

3-2-03:  Arial or Helvetica? - Once there was a typeface called Helvetica.  Later Microsoft “borrowed” Helvetica for their operating system and called it Arial.  Can you tell the difference between the original and the rip-off in these ten examples?

3-2-03:  Stephen Blickenstaff - 'Ugly Stickers', some pretty cool art!

3-2-03:  IGKT - The International Guild of Knot Tyers... is this really necessary???  And why isn't "tyer" an actual word?  Shouldn't it be "tier"?

3-2-03:  Rate My Bedroom

3-2-03:  Rate My Kitten

3-2-03:  The Matrix - Lego style!

2-26-03:  Disney's Lion King as a Tribute to Kimba the White Lion? - Read all about the Lion... err Lyin' King here.

2-26-03:  Table Tennis - Play a very cool / fun game of table tennis!  It rocks!  The only thing is that I don't even think you can score!  The opponents are malicious.

2-26-03:  Donkey Kong - Go on and play it already!  What are you waiting for?

2-26-03:  Insertmonkey Time - Whoa!

2-26-03:  Wood Contour - Wood Contour Corporation proudly presents a luxurious line of well-designed PC peripherals constructed from the finest American hardwoods.  Pretty cool but at $2,500 and up I think I'll pass!

2-26-03:  The Cyberden Music and Sound Design - The official 5.25" disk sleeve archive.

2-26-03:  Soup in the Movies - Soup is everywhere in the movies, from Spartacus igniting the slave rebellion by drowning the Centurion master in a pot of bean soup...

2-26-03:  Bag of Bones - The brand new video release from Litterbox!!!

2-16-03:  Funky Radical World - Talk about weird...

2-16-03:  Destroy Evil, Katy Bush - This one is WEIRD!

2-16-03:  Illegal Art - Freedom of expression in a corporate age.

2-16-03:  Beans Around the World - The amazing (but true!) journey of a can of S & W® brand black beans as they make their way across this great land of ours, and to other nations!

2-16-03:  The Slug Site - Devoted to the slimy mollusk.  TONS of slug pictures.

2-16-03:  Love Cubes

2-5-03:  Booger Board - If you don't know what to give that person who seems to have everything, the answer may be as plain as the nose on your face.

2-5-03:  Casket Furniture - Your source for convertible casket furniture, casket-shaped furniture, casket novelty products, and casket wear.

2-5-03:  Blenderphone - You guessed it... a combination blender / telephone.

2-5-03:  Koala Bear Poo Earrings - Buy a loved one earrings made from authentic Koala crap.  "Say it with dung, it lasts longer than flowers!"

2-5-03:  Zorb - The latest adventure experience from New Zealand... it looks fun!

2-5-03:  When Stuffed Animals Attack

2-3-03:  Eyelash Creatures - Gross!!!  These things actually live in our eyelashes!

2-2-03:  Evil Pictograms - They make you die.

2-2-03:  We Like the Moon - The Spongmonkeys try and cash in on the Kittens' success.

2-2-03:  Motorwheels Monowheels - And other vehicles with insufficient wheels.

2-2-03:  Barefoot Photo Gallery - Photos of ordinary people going about their business while barefoot.

2-1-03:  Parking Spots - Those of you who watch Kids in the Hall should understand the humor from the "I am crushing your head" guy.  Those of you who just have whacked up senses of humor should appreciate this page also.  Quite brilliant in my opinion.

2-1-03:  Pets with their Heads in Bags - This is a MUCH bigger epidemic than I thought before seeing this web page.

2-1-03:  Engrish TTT Captions - This webpage celebrates the wonderful engrish subtitles featured in an asian bootleg DVD of Lord of The Rings - The Two Towers.

2-1-03:  Pencil Carving - This one is actually very cool!  Take a look!

2-1-03:  Where's Michael's Nose? - After years of modification it seems to have finally given up! Do you know what Mr. Jackson's nose looks like now? Do you remember what it used to look like?

2-1-03:  The Incredible Dancing Glen - Hahaha!

2-1-03:  Britney Spears Spelling Correction - I cannot believe that Google actually has a page devoted to this!!!

2-1-03:  Boy or Girl Quiz

2-1-03:  Sword Swallowing X-Rays - X-Rays of sword swallowers.

1-27-03:  Keeping Ken - A site exclusively for Ken, the man behind the doll... ummm no comment!

1-27-03:  I Hate Mayonnaise Club - Dedicated to making Planet Earth a mayo-free zone!

1-27-03:  Shut Down the Internet - Go ahead and turn it off!

1-19-03:  Farting Survey - Go ahead, take it!  Quite pointless indeed, but then again what isn't?

1-19-03:  Just Toilet Paper - Novelty toilet paper.

1-19-03:  Citizen's Self-Arrest Form - If you commit a crime, it would be extremely helpful (and provide a savings of tax dollars) for you to perform a Citizen's Self-Arrest.

1-19-03:  Peanut Butter Lovers - MMmmmmm... Find out all about peanut butter here!

1-14-03:  Parsnip - Yes, the vegetable is blurred.

1-12-03:  Location Earth Dog Tags - Picture yourself lost in the galaxy...UFO sightings and Alien Abductions are on the rise...Will you return to tell the story?

1-3-03:  Online Color Deficiency Test - An amazingly accurate color blindness test.  Be sure to have your sound on.

1-2-03:  Postal Experiments - Testing the limits of the USPS.  This one is pretty funny considering I'm a USPS employee!

1-2-03:  I Skip - This is where Kim Corbin's dream of starting a worldwide adult skipping movement came true.  Whoopidieeeee freaking doo.  Seriously, just what the world needs.

1-2-03:  Drive Me Insane - Control the home of Paul Mathis in Plano, TX from your own computer!  The aim is to drive the guy insane!

1-2-03:  The Condiment Packet Museum

1-2-03:  Inflatable Church - The world's only!

1-2-03:  Hairy Cat Soap - Uhhh... buy one get one free or something like that.

12-28-02:  Obsessive Fan Sites - Excess that only the internet can provide.

12-28-02:  Disturbing Auctions - Sometimes one man's trash is another's treasure.  Then again, sometimes it's just trash.

12-28-02:  Free Monkey Boris - The Monkey Boris Liberation Front are calling for the immediate and unconditional release of heir to the Throne Monkey Boris.  Hmmm...

12-28-02:  The Toilet Museum - Devoted to all that is restroom.

12-28-02:  Brains 4 Zombies - Your online home for brains and brain-related products.

12-27-02:  Jesus Dressup - Do NOT go to this site if you are easily offended by sacrilege.

12-24-02:  Merry Christmas - A Christmas message from Ozzy Osbourne!

12-22-02:  Osama Got Run Over By a Reindeer - Another X-mas site for you.

12-22-02:  Neighbor - What IS he doing?  Make sure your sound is on and be sure to move your mouse around.

12-22-02:  Recursive - Way cool!  

12-22-02:  Santa Fighter - Another Christmas update... pretty cool.  

12-21-02:  Monkey Lander- Yet another fun flash game..

12-21-02:  Mad Santa Claus the Game - Very easily one of the most psychotic flash games I've ever played.

12-21-02:  Inter-Face - Giving a whole new meaning to the word 'interface'.

12-21-02:  Harrison Ford: A Web Guide to the Films - Many nominations for the "Best Use of an Index Finger" award.

12-21-02:  The Letter Project - This one is cool!

12-21-02:  Merry Christmas! - Helping to spread the gas joy this holiday season.

12-15-02:  Buy Dehydrated Water - Looks like somebody beat you to it, Gonzo T.D.

12-15-02:  Gaybo the Clown

12-15-02:  Hold the Button - How long can you hold the button?

12-15-02:  The Jesus Christ Homepage - Everybody seems to be searching for this guy when he's been here all along on the web!

12-15-02:  Buy Bush a Playstation 2 - Well, this one is already over it seems but the idea is cool anyway...

12-15-02:  The Bad Fads Museum - Browse through the fun and fascinating fashion, collectible, activity and event fads of the last 100 years.

12-15-02:  The Van Gogh-Goghs' Doctor Soda Taste Test - 46 different "Dr." this and "Dr." that sodas taste-tested and measured on a scale for many different factors.

12-15-02:  XIAO XIAO - Pretty cool stick figure fighting games.

12-15-02:  Doggles - Protecting the world... one dog at a time.

12-15-02:  GangRule - The history of organized crime.

12-13-02:  A Tribute to Pi

12-13-02:  Mr. T Goes For A Drive - This one takes a while to load... but well worth the wait!

12-7-02:  Arse or Elbow? - Do you know your arse from your elbow?  I got 9/14.

12-7-02:  Fling the Cow - Pretty fun flash game.

12-7-02:  g-world Hair Trek - I sure hope somebody sees some humor in this one... even if it is a sick and desperate humor.  Please, somebody, anybody, please...

12-7-02:  Boulder Vegetable Rights Association - Ummm... okay, sure.

12-04-02:  My Name is Olle-Yngve - Read Olle's story on how he is the Swedish son of Bob Marley.  True story.

12-04-02:  Michael Jackson Baby Drop - Good luck with playing this Flash game... that is if you can stop laughing!

12-04-02:  Pluck My Tash - Use a laser-guided pair of tweezers to pluck all the mustache hairs before they form a full 'stash.  Don't let the badger get in the way though (level 3), and if you're not careful you can blow up the guy's teeth.  Flash game.

There are MANY more links in the Archives section.

Please note: Dates on news stories mark when I added the story to my site, not when the story was initially published.


4-20-03:  Space Fanatic Unveils Rocket He Wants to Fly into Orbit


4-20-03:  Businessman Sells 'Poo' Good Luck Charms


4-20-03:  Austrian in Hospital after Running Himself Over


3-8-03:  Elvis Told to Leave Building, Permanently

3-8-03:  Bank Glitch Gives Student $9.9 Million

3-8-03:  Crunch! Giant Cheeto Spurs Online Frenzy

3-8-03:  Suspects Surrender Cher's Wig To Police

3-8-03:  Cyberspace Coming To Top Of Mount Everest

3-8-03:  Party Girl Celebrates 105th Birthday

3-8-03:  Woman Gets $800,000 for Dairy Queen 'Dracula' Bite

3-8-03:  Minnesota Man Donates $75,000 in Loose Change to Church

3-8-03:  Baby Born On 3-3-03 At 3:33

3-8-03:  Feds Investigate Sandwich Stolen From Break Room

3-8-03:  Mac Attack or Just Breaking Windows? Colorado Man Jailed after Killing Laptop

3-8-03:  Mail Thief Ordered to Wear Sandwich Board

3-8-03:  It's Not Over till the Fat Dog Sings

3-8-03:  Man Caught 40 Years After Breaking Out Of Prison

3-8-03:  Naked Jogger Continues His Streak

3-3-03:  2 Years In Jail For Meth Kiss

3-3-03:  Thai Motorists Can Get Massage with Gas

3-3-03:  Moose Lands On Norwegian Couple's Car

3-3-03:  Accident Leaves Highway Covered in Hot Dogs

3-3-03:  Swedish Church Places Help Wanted Ad for Worshippers

3-3-03:  Shiny Ice Clouds Collecting at Earth's Edge

3-3-03:  UFO Disrupts Traffic

3-3-03:  Evidence of Extra Dimensions

3-3-03:  Professor Plans to Build Time Machine

3-3-03:  Scientists Say Other Universes Physically Real and Inhabited

3-2-03:  Chinese Couple Seek Groom for Dead Daughter

3-2-03:  Computer Made from DNA and Enzymes

3-2-03:  Riddle of Baghdad's Batteries

3-2-03:  Kidney For Sale On eBay Quickly Removed

3-2-03:  Good Samaritan Faces $117 Traffic Fine

3-2-03:  Family's Missing Dog Returns Home After 3 Years

3-2-03:  Report: Worker Sold Fingernails, Toenails From Cadavers

3-2-03:  State Farm Won't Replace Car In Case Of Nuclear Attack

3-2-03:  Judge Finds New Use for Duct Tape

3-2-03:  Minnesota Twins Impostor Strikes Out in Real Estate Swindle

3-2-03:  Philippine Church Bans Public Weddings For Pregnant

3-2-03:  School Administrator Wants To Fire Self To Save Money

3-2-03:  Congress OKs $200,000 For Peanut Festival Stadium

3-2-03:  BBC Says Sir Isaac Newton Predicts End Of World

3-2-03:  Cargo Spill of Sports Shoes Drifts Toward Alaska

3-2-03:  IRS Bills Homeless Man Nearly $6 Million

3-2-03:  The New King of Late Night?

3-2-03:  Hospital Gives Surgeon Spoon To Perform Hip Operation

3-2-03:  Mom: Genie Circumcised Her Infant Son

3-2-03:  Car Thief Steals Van with Dead Driver Inside

3-2-03:  Church To Take Donations On Charge Cards

3-2-03:  Old Man And The Ski

2-26-03:  Got Doughnuts? Not In Northern New York

2-26-03:  Blizzard Snow for Sale Online

2-26-03:  Eminem Look-Alike Robs 11th N.J. Bank

2-26-03:  100 Cats, 82 Carcasses Found in New Mexico Home

2-16-03:  100 Bongs a Day Led to Psychotic Rampage

2-16-03:  Cloning Pioneer Dolly Put to Death

2-16-03:  Police Catch Alleged Thief Napping In Store

2-16-03:  Have an Ad?  Rent Space on Someone's Forehead

2-16-03:  Student Sues to get A+

2-16-03:  Students Bring Pot Brownies To Class

2-16-03:  Man Wants Jesus for Lawyer

2-16-03:  Funeral Director Spends Clients' Money On Strippers

2-5-03:  6 Candidates Misspell Their Party Affiliation

2-5-03:  Million-Dollar Power Bill Shocks Family

2-5-03:  Man Accused of Tracking Ex via Satellite

2-5-03:  Moon Real Estate Broker Jailed

2-5-03:  India Man Poisons Own Home, Police Say

2-5-03:  Poll Finds Toothbrush Ranks as Most Important Invention- What about indoor plumbing???

2-3-03:  'Disturbing' Jacko Unmasked in British Documentary

2-3-03:  Man Aged 122 Dies in Egypt

2-3-03:  Photos Show Odd Images Near Shuttle

2-2-03:  Man Takes Aim at Free AOL Discs

2-2-03:  Australian Man Received New Liver, New Allergy

2-2-03:  Cactus Black Market Crops Up in Arizona

2-2-03:  Police Bust Naked Man at Museum

2-2-03:  Sweet Tooth? Arizona Players Probed in Candy Bar Case

2-2-03:  Man Arrested Carrying 100 Human Skulls, Indian Police Say

2-2-03:  Police: Drunken Cart Driver Flees On State Road

2-2-03:  New Theory Drastically Rethinks Evolution of Early Life

2-2-03:  Gas Passers Sitting Happy

2-1-03:  Teacher Arrested for Trying to Sell Someone Else's Child

1-25-03:  Human Missions to Mars Made Possible with Project Prometheus

1-25-03:  Killer Asteroid Approaching the Earth?

1-25-03:  Four-Legged Girl Born in Indonesia

1-22-03:  Man Attempts to Sell Family on Ebay

1-22-03:  Exploding Frying Pans Recalled

1-22-03:  Clerk Cards 76-Year-Old Man Buying Non-Alcoholic Beer

1-22-03:  Nine Arrested for 'Exorcism' Fraud

1-22-03:  Zoo Officials Fooled by Fake Owl - Hilarious!

1-22-03:  Woman Lives with Dead Aunt for 18 Months

1-19-03:  ATM Machine Error Leads to Endless Flow of Free Cash

1-19-03:  Psycho Dresses as Scooby Doo to Find Missing Dog

1-19-03:  Nudist Travellers Ready for Takeoff

1-19-03:  Man Beheads Himself with Guillotine

1-12-03:  Texas Man Gets Jail For Cannibalizing Mom

1-12-03:  Man Arrested For Allegedly Shooting ``Demonic'' Neighbors

1-12-03:  Man Wants To Pay For New SUV With More Than 200 Coupons 

1-12-03:  Politician Caught Up in Vampire Rumors

1-12-03:  Hit-and-Run Teenager Takes Dead Man Home

1-3-03:  Tigers, Alligators 'Main Course' at China Park

1-3-03:  Nun Killed by Driver Smoking Crack, Steering with Knees

1-3-03:  Girl Killed in Pillow Fight

1-2-03:  'Wife Wanted' Sign Nets No Spouse - Yet

12-31-02:  Antimatter Breakthrough: Big Batch Created in Lab

12-31-02:  Frogs Use Hollow Trees as Megaphones

12-31-02:  Scientists Successfully Clone Pet Cat

12-31-02:  Woman Can't Stop Pet Dog from Eating Everything

12-31-02:  Headache Turns Out to be Gunshot Wound

12-31-02:  British TV to show Baby Eater


12-26-02:  Fingerprints Out, Body Odor In

12-26-02:  Fuzzy Strands Fill Skies Over Texas City

12-26-02:  Boys Eat Cat that Stole Christmas Dinner

12-25-02:  Man Obsessed with Rearranging Garden Gnomes - This one is crazy!

12-25-02:  "Excellent" D.A.R.E. Officer Arrested for Buying Cocaine

12-25-02:  From Science and Computers - A New Face of Jesus

12-22-02:  Authorities Demolish Home where 440 Guinea Pigs Ran Amok

12-22-02:  Animal Rights Activists Give Fur Coats to Homeless

12-22-02:  Thief Returns Jewelry to Store Decades After Crime

12-22-02:  Couple Sues Dominoes Over Alleged Pubic Pizza Topping

12-22-02:  Teen May Face Felony Charges for Bat Prank

12-22-02:  Yet Another Miracle - Jesus Appears on No Parking Sign

12-22-02:  Sect Says First Cloned Baby Due in Weeks

12-22-02:  Man Jailed for Smuggling Monkeys in Pants

12-15-02:  6th Graders Taught to Snort Cocaine

12-15-02:  Kidnappers Demand $800 for Return of Baby Jesus

12-15-02:  Glitch Shows Breasts During Mormon News Story

12-13-02:  Fish Swallower Chokes to Death

12-13-02:  Man Steals Computer to Pay for Crime Rehab Program

12-13-02:  Jealous Wife Goes on Car Hammering Binge

12-13-02:  Three Men Arrested for Stealing Chihuahuas, Thought they were Pit Bulls

12-13-02:  Alderman Cited for Urinating During Debate - This one is outrageous!!!

12-13-02:  Body Parts Found in Tupperware

12-13-02:  German Cannibal Found Willing Victims on Internet

12-7-02:  Ray L. Wallace Dead at 84 - He is the guy who started the Bigfoot hoax here in the US.

12-7-02:  Siamese Twins Plead for Separation... Because They Cannot Stand Each Other!

12-7-02:  Rats Jump, Climb, Lift In Unique Olympic Games

12-7-02:  Mars May Not Have Been as Warm and Wet as Once Thought

12-04-02:  Man Prepares to Ascend Vertically into Space in Own Rocket

There are MANY more links in the Archives section.


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"what is batmans dogs name"

"super farts from a woman"

"farting videos for sale"

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"flaming dog poop delivery"

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"give me a picture of the fattest boy in the world"

"tanning bed for sale"

"crack cocaine and our granny"

"britney spears guide to cooking"

"my experience with an incinerating toilet"

"man goes to bathroom in auto licensing"

"women with bowlcuts"

"bird poop on head good luck"

"testicle earrings"

"lawnmower pubic hair pictures"

"look like a punk for under 350 dollars"

"searching for cocaine to buy in columbus, oh"

"how do you make peanut products with modern technology"

"toilet paper ads with cute kittens"




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