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If you do not understand the steps listed below, just click on the step you are on for a full color screen shot.


You can use Savy2k to access AOL and save the long distance fees and avoid getting busy signals from AOL. Right now AOL will charge you $9.95 if you BYOA (Bring Your Own Access) rather than $21.95 if you use AOL's access. That will pay for most or all of your access (depending on the plan you use) and you don't have to worry about busy signals or toll calls.

First set up an account with Savy2k then go to the Sign On screen.

Then click on the SETUP button.

Choose [Create a location for use with new access phone numbers or an ISP.] Then click on "Next".

Now, click on [Add a custom Connection]

Click on "OK". Your sign on screen should now have your "Connection set to ISP/LAN Connection".

In order to connect to America Online using your default location, simply click the drop down arrow and select "home".

From the AOL Sign On screen, you may now sign on to AOL in the normal manner. Once connected (Savy2k will now be your ISP connecting to AOL Services), locate the AOL "Member Services" screen.

Choose [Accounts & Billing].

Click on [Bring Your Own Access].

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