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Savy2k is a Full Service ISP with the following services:
24 / 7 Technical Support

Nationwide Access

Web Hosting


Become a 'Savy' customer, tell us what you want and we will show you what we can do for you!

Home:  Technical Support


Internet Setup and Configuration

Dial-Up Configuration

Here is how to set up your Windows 95 / 98 machine to access Savy2k Internet Services.

AOL Setup

You can use Savy2k to access AOL and save money if you have to make a toll call to access AOL or have low use.

Outlook Express Email

Here is how to set up Outlook Express to send and recieve your Savy2k Email.


Outlook Express News

Use this link if you want to use Outlook Express as your your newsreader.

Outlook Express Tutorial

Check out our tutorial to get some tips on how to use Outlook Express.

Email Manager

This link provides you with everything you need to manage your email account.




Frequently Asked Questions

Troubleshooting FAQ's

Use this link to solve some of the most common problems with achieving and maintaining connections.


General FAQ's

This section may help answer some of your most burning questions.



E-mail and Newsreader Server Information - "Just the Facts"

If you don't need step by step instructions, here is the information you need to set up your email and newsreader.

Incoming Server (POP)     ----->

Outgoing Server (SMTP)  ----->

Incoming Account name    ----->  Your Username (ex: if is your email address, then 'johndoe' would be your Username)

News Server (NNTP)       ----->

[Note] ---> Our news server isn't censored so we require that you send us a signed written request for us to setup a NNTP account for you. Only the account holder or a Guardian of the account holder may make this request.