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HomeTechnical Support:  Outlook Express Newsgroup Setup


If you do not understand the steps listed below, just click on the step you are on for a full color screen shot.


Open Outlook Express.

From the menu bar at the top of the window, click 'Tools', then choose 'Accounts'.

The next window will have 4 tabs, 'All', 'Mail', 'News', and 'Directory Services'.  Choose the 'MAIL' tab.

Along the right hand side of this window will be a series of buttons.  Click the button on the top, the 'Add' button and choose 'Mail'.

A new window will now pop up asking your for a 'Display Name'.  Enter your name as you would like it to be shown and click 'Next'.

Now it will ask for your email address which is your  Fill it in and click 'Next'.  [Warning]: Filling your email address in here may result in receiving spam email.  You can always fill a bogus email address in this space.  This warning ONLY applies to this step in the Newsgroups setup.

Next it should ask for a News (NNTP) Server.  Fill in the following:

Please check the image and make sure it appears exactly as shown.  When you are sure it is correct, click the 'Next' button.

Congratulations!  You're finished.  Click the 'Finish' button and you're on your way!

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